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Dad's Herb Garden & Apothecary

$ 65.00 USD

Perfect gift for Fathe's Day. Herb garden not only looks charming, but it's also very helpful in the house. Add some freshly picked rosemary or basil to your dinner; create your own essential oil or simply enjoy the charming herbal aroma. The home herbal apothecary is a great way to support the holistic health of your family while providing access to incredible plants that have been used for centuries to promote natural well-being. Herbs: MInt, Lavander, Sweet Basil, Rosemary, Toothache, Vick's.

Please note: due to this unusual circumstance some of the colors or blooms might be in limited availability. But our team of expert designers custom craft every arrangement, using only the freshest, highest quality blooms individually selected to be as beautiful as possible. Colors or blooms might differ from the picture. Please call us at 212.979.8618 to learn what we have in stock at the moment.

Home or Office Decor, Thank You, Thinking of You, Father's Day