Planning the NYC Wedding: Your Flower Arrangements Checklist

Are you getting married? Congratulations! What a wonderfully exciting time in your life! Getting married is a lot of fun. Planning the wedding, however, isn’t necessarily so great. There are so many things to do and tasks to keep track of. To help you keep things simple where your flowers and NYC florist are concerned, we offer up this wedding planning checklist:

• In general terms, decide on what kind of look you want to have at your wedding. Think in terms of color scheme & style rather than specific flowers. A good idea is to start collecting pictures of wedding flowers that are similar to what you’d like to see at your wedding. Pinterest is great to find NYC fresh cut flower inspiration!
• Determine approximately how many flowers you’re going to need. This includes your bouquet, the flowers for your attendants & flower girls, the groom’s flowers, his attendants’ flowers, and any flowers you’ll want to decorate the ceremony and reception. Don’t worry if this number is not exact: your NYC floral designer will help you come to a final total.
• Determine your floral budget. Before you start shopping for a floral designer & making your choices, it’s extremely helpful to have a realistic idea of how much money you have to spend.
• Shop for a NYC floral designer. You’ll want to choose a floral designer that has an excellent reputation, with a portfolio of work that gives you confidence, who listens to you, that meets your budget.
• Schedule a consultation with your floral designer of choice. During this time you’ll be talking in far greater detail about the type and number of fresh flower arrangements you’ll have at your wedding and reception. Your NYC floral designer will have questions about your wedding and reception venues, so it’s a good idea to have those choices finalized before you come to this point.
• Give yourself time to think through the designer’s recommendations before making your final decisions. Don’t forget to include your sweetheart in this conversation!• Meet with your floral designer to finalize your decisions. At this point, you’ll be confirming all the critical information regarding dates, delivery, flower set up, and more, so make sure you read though and understand everything before you sign the contract. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!
• Enjoy your wedding day!

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