Attracting Birds to Your Urban Garden

Attracting Birds to Your Urban Garden

Sometimes the packed streets, concrete towers and fast pace of New York City make us forget that even here, nature thrives. Many species of animals and plant flourish in the parks and along the streets. There are a surprisingly large number of bird species to be seen in NYC, including the delightful hummingbird, a variety of sparrows, the grandly colored oriole, cooing doves and all manner of other pleasant species. If you’re a birding enthusiast or simply love the beauty and grace of birds and wish to enjoy them more, there are ways to design an urban garden to attract them.

Providing Shelter

Creating nesting, feeding and watering spots are key. Providing open boxes and baskets or shelves placed above head height provides some nesting spaces for birds like doves and robins. If you want to attract smaller birds that like enclosures, consider a carefully place birdhouse in a space that won’t be intruded upon. Placing birdfeeders in your garden will attract a variety of species, dependent upon the foods you supply. And water feeders as well as stable shallow dishes of water are favorite places for birds to congregate, drink and bathe.

Growing Food

If you want your garden itself to be a food source for birds, consider berry plants and vines. If you have the space for it, birds are also attracted to a variety of fruiting trees. If you’re looking to attract the beautiful Ruby-Throated Hummingbird, consider nectar feeders and hanging baskets of Fucshia flowering plants. Hummingbirds like trumpet-shaped flowers, and love not only Fucshia, but also Honeysuckle, Columbine, Bird of Paradise, Bergamot and Sage…growing an urban herb garden can often provide benefits beyond scent and flavor by attracting small birds, bees and butterflies.

Designing Your Garden

If you’re looking for assistance while creating and implementing your urban garden, Floral Studio’s experts will use their years of experience in landscape and urban garden design to help you discover the garden of your dreams. We also provide follow-up services, providing maintenance for your garden so that it stays healthy and beautiful - your perfect space.

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