Healing Flowers: Fresh Flower Arrangements to Boost Wellness At Work, Hospital & Home

If you want to feel better, spend more time with nature. That’s the philosophy guiding both institutional, commercial and residential interior design, according to this Denver Post article.  An innovative hospital has embraced widespread use of fresh flower arrangements and an urban garden to boost the comfort level and well-being of their patients. Having flowers around lowers stress levels and anxiety while boosting the mood and energy levels.  It’s an approach to healing that doesn’t have to stop when you’re discharged from the hospital. For optimum wellness, surround yourself with fresh flower arrangements in the workplace and at home.Lift Your SpiritsAdd optimism to your everyday environment with this vivid combination of bright pink South American roses and lime green Cybidium orchids.

Practitioners of aromatherapy use rose to lift the spirits and encourage a positive world view. This is a long lasting arrangement. Put it somewhere you’ll see it often and enjoy the sensation of having a smile on your face. Same day NYC flower delivery is available throughout the city. Boost Creativity. Great flowers for Wall Street office, home studio, or other workplace,  Tropical Orange is a dynamic modern nyc fresh flower arrangement that adds energy to the space and encourages creative thinking. You’ll love the vibrant color mix of burnt orange Thai Dendobrium orchids with Cherry Brandy oranges.

A sleek stainless steel vase is irresistibly tactile and visually compelling. One of Floral Studio’s top sellers – be careful, this is an addictive fresh flower arrangement! Also available for NYC fresh flower delivery! Calm Anxious Nerves. NYC Urban gardens are the top choice to reduce stress levels. Being able to spend time in green spaces, whether that’s a rooftop oasis or balcony garden, will make you feel better.

During NYC’s harsh winters, turn to indoor botanicals to get the same boost. We deliver gorgeous living plants as well as fresh flower deliver to NYC hospitals, including Bellvue and NYU, as well as homes and offices.

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