Summer Floral Arrangements

A Summertime PaletteAs we enter the height of summer, the heat hazy, trees green and skies blue, it’s time to brighten up our inner spaces with some bursting floral beauty to complement the grandeur outside.

This is the time of year where we escape to the parks and to the water to refresh ourselves and bask in the sunlight. It’s a time for picnics in the shade and casual evening parties, celebrated in the fresh evening as the air cools at dusk. Brightening your surroundings with  summer floral arrangements can lift the spirit and please the senses, providing a creative and colorful backdrop to your environment that mirrors the palette and impressions of the high summer season.

Want to bring some flash and splendor to your table?

Try setting up a series of single-flower vases with a series of miscellaneous flowers, greens and even sprigs of berries, to catch the feel of a summer’s wildflower field. A casual European bouquet in a clear vase, with stems clearly visible also lends to a wild and beautiful look. There’s also the great summer classic: a large vase of sunflowers, brilliantly yellow and so symbolic of sunlit pastures and fields of yellow. Floral Studio offers some beautiful arrangements that suit the summertime mood perfectly: The Pink Sunshine bouquet is aptly named, glowing pink like a slice of freshly cut watermelon.

The roses provide a slightly upscale feel while the gorgeous green orchids provide a tropical flourish. This arrangement offers a riot of color perfect for these summer months. Our arrangement of Orange Roses features sixteen large Cherry Brandy rose, the red and orange flowers reminiscent of the best sort of sunset. Cut in a low design, this display isn’t overwhelming while still providing much in the way of color and beauty.

If you’re looking for the soft blush of a Tahitian morning sky or the impression of pink curl of a shell found on the beach, look no further than our Pink Roses arrangement, stunning in its elegance and breathtaking color. Twenty-four blooms are expertly interspersed with floral greens to create a magical centerpiece for your summer event. Whatever the summer might bring, surround yourself in the beauty and sensual delight of flowers!

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