The NYC Urban Garden: Ideal for Entertaining

“I love to entertain,” said Ronald, “But let’s be real here. July in Manhattan? It’s hot and uncomfortable on a good day. I can have the A/C blasting, but if you get more than 2 people in this place, it’s just not pleasant.”

Your NYC urban garden can be the answer to the summertime entertaining challenge. A rooftop garden can serve as an extra outdoor room, the ideal setting for all types of gatherings. The urban garden is very versatile. You can use your NYC urban garden as a family-friendly setting for barbecues and play-dates/picnics and then turn around and host an elegant, adults-only nighttime soiree.

Rooftop gardens are great, but don’t despair if they’re not an option for you. Your NYC urban garden designer can help you create lovely green entertaining spaces on your balcony or patio. Creatively combining plantings and seating provides the perfect environment for relaxing with friends, having deep conversations, or snuggling with that special someone. NYC Urban Garden: You Don’t Need To Have A Green Thumb!

“I was very hesitant about the idea of an urban garden because I can kill plants just by looking at them,” Ronald laughed. “And I have less than no interest in spending my free time pulling out weeds or trimming trees or any of that garden stuff.  Luckily, I found out that you can have an urban garden without doing all the work!”As your NYC urban garden specialist, our focus is on creating green spaces you enjoy. We’ll work closely with you to determine what your preferences are. You can be as hands-on or hands-off as you’d like to be with our comprehensive NYC urban garden design and support services. “I love the rooftop garden,” Ronald said. “It’s been a great spot to host dinner parties – and much to my surprise, I find that I go up there just to hang out even when I don’t have any company. It’s very relaxing to be out under the stars, with all these flower that just smell so good. With a NYC good urban garden, you can get out of the city without leaving town!”

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