Sending Flowers to NYC Hospitals

Did you know that we deliver great-looking, long-lasting NYC fresh cut flowers to all of the hospitals in New York City, including flower delivery to Bellevue Hospital and NYU Hospital? It's true. Our colorful fresh flower arrangements bring cheer and your good wishes wherever they go. So if your friend just had a baby, or your co-worker is sick, or you have a loved one who's been in the hospital for a while now, you know what you need to do to brighten their day: send fresh flowers!

Most Popular Fresh Flower Arrangement Delivered to NYC Hospitals Summer Sunshine has brought cheer and good wishes to lots of Bellevue and NYU Hospital rooms – people just love the optimistic, bright energy of this two-foot tall arrangement which combines Sunflowers, bright yellow roses, and hand-selected whimsical wildflowers. These long-lasting NYC fresh cut flowers are guaranteed to bring a smile to your loved one’s face. Kalanchoe Plants: A Great Way to Say “Get Well Soon!”

For the ultimate in long-lasting cheer, you’ll want to have a Kalanchoe Plant delivered. Kalanchoe Plants are also sometimes called Thousands and Millions: they’re a lucky plant to have in your home for Chinese New Year. These pretty live plants have adorable cheering clusters of blossoms – generally pink, orange, yellow or white. The blossoms last for about 3 weeks, and the plant will bloom again throughout the year.  Kalanchoe is a tough plant, able to stand up to the varied light and irregular watering generally available in the hospital. A budget friendly way to add cheer to a hospital stay.

Gift Baskets Delivered to Bellevue and NYU Hospital Well-wishing gifts are not limited to NYC flower deliveries; Gourmet Gift Baskets  are a great way to bring a big smile to the face of anyone who’s spending time in the hospital. If you’ve ever spent some time in the hospital, you know that typically the food is nothing to cheer about. Our beautiful – and healthy! -  Fruit and Flower Basket  is packed with ripe, luscious fresh fruit and vibrant, hand-selected flowers. Great for the New Mom!Do you need same-day flower delivery to Bellevue Hospital or NYU Hospital? Give us a call!

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