NYC Wedding Flowers: Finding a Floral Designer Who Listens

Marriage is truly a beautiful thing. You’re joining your life with the life of the person you love more than anyone else in the world. Wedding planning, on the other hand, isn’t nearly as beautiful. It can be very stressful, trying to find all the right professionals to make your special day perfect.

How can you find a floral designer who listens? There are many, many floral designers in NYC. Most of them have their own idea of what great NYC wedding flowers look like. However, what the floral designer thinks looks great may not be in alignment with what you want on your wedding day.To be sure you get the wedding flowers you want, you need to find a NYC floral designer who listens. To start this process, ask your family and friends – especially those who have tied the knot fairly recently – about the designers they’ve used for NYC wedding flowers. Would they recommend working with this special event florist again? Were they pleased with the wedding flower arrangements, bridal bouquets, attendant’s corsages, and other ceremony flowers?

You can use this information to guide your research. Searching online resources, including forums like, can help you further narrow down your list of prospective special event florists.From there, you’ll want to meet with your prospective special event florist in person. Here’s where things get really interesting. You need to pay attention and trust your instincts as you meet with the designer. Are they receptive to your thoughts and ideas? Many brides and grooms to be collect pictures of NYC wedding flowers they particularly like. Does your prospective floral designer look at them, or do they brush them off?

As a rule of thumb, during your initial meeting, your prospective special event florist should be listening to you at least as much as they, themselves, are talking.

It’s important to understand that any designer will take time to explain to you what makes them special and unique – but a great special event florist will also be very interested in what makes the two of you special and unique.

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