Make an Office Birthday Bright

It’s easy to brighten a colleague’s birthday when you rely on your Manhattan florist to send the most beautiful arrangement. Let’s face it; we probably spend more time with our co-workers than with our own family. Most of us develop close relationships with the people we work with, which is why it’s nice to recognize them for who they are outside of the office as well. Sending an elaborate birthday bouquet will surely garner a smile. Here are some simple guidelines to choosing an arrangement for your co-worker’s birthday.

Make a statement: Birthdays are for celebrating! Have NYC corporate flowers delivered right to the recipient’s desk. This is the time to choose elaborate, ornate arrangements that will make anyone stop in their tracks and send birthday wishes.

Choose something bright: Think of nice bright yellow and orange hues like sunflowers and Gerber daisies that will put a smile on anyone’s face. Of course, subtle blues and purples can also make for a dynamic color scheme especially if simple orchids or hydrangeas are accented with twisted twigs or delicate greens.

Choose something that lasts: Floral Studio can also send lasting plants that can be enjoyed for years. Azaleas, hibiscus or orchids will produce blooms for years to come. It will remind the recipient that they are appreciated every day of the year- not just on their birthday.

Consider the vase: Choose a simple glass or gold-foiled vase to accent an elaborate arrangement. Accent a simple arrangement with an asymmetrical vase or bold colors.

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