Urban Myths About NYC Urban Gardens

New York City, if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere – said all the plants to each other. But this city is actually the main leader in the practice of urban gardening. Don’t believe the myths:

  1. New Yorkers don’t garden.

New York City, while it may have fewer conventional gardening spaces, has a very intelligent population of people who are goal-oriented and practical. The benefits of growing kicks their noggins into high gear – people find new and innovative ways to make NYC urban gardening possible in the concrete jungle.

  1. Building a vertical garden requires a lot of skill.

Sometimes, the only way to grow in NYC is up, but don’t worry -  it’s easy! Maximize growing space without crowding your outdoor areas.

  1. Gardening isn’t fun.

All work and no play isn’t the motto of the Big Apple, and it isn’t the one of gardening either. While the benefits alone are rewarding, everyone wants to have fun, and this isn’t like having to convince yourself running on a treadmill is fun. With urban gardening, you meet new people, are involved communal activity, and can throw farm-to-table dinners with garden-to-glass cocktails.

  1. There’s not enough land for an urban garden in NYC.

If you get creative, there’s plenty of space that doesn’t require land. You can grow in containers. A tranquil rooftop or patio garden is a great place to nurture plants and your thoughts. Even on a two-person deck you can build a vertical garden.

  1. Self-sustaining Gardening annoy businesses in NYC.

NYC urban gardens attract tourists by adding greenery to the city, and restaurants love buying local farm fresh produce – adding that to their menu draws in much more business. The popular appeal extends to all New Yorkers, gardening reduces the harshness of the city, which reflects in its citizens.

  1. There’s not enough sun in NYC for urban gardening.

With new technology and a wider interest in the matter, there is more available natural light than ever. Soon we’ll be fed fruits from the top of the empire state building. Big apples maybe?

  1. You can only grow a limited number of edibles in containers.

Actually, there are about 66 things you can grow in containers.How we helpLiving in NYC isn’t an excuse to not have a garden. Gardens are therapeutic, sources of energy, and just plain pretty. You deserve a pot for peace from the city bustle, and the experts at Floral Studio provide professional landscape design that fits your style and space. Our extensive background and rooftop gardening philosophy along with all our services can be found here.

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Urban Myths About NYC Urban Gardens

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