Flowers During a Time of Loss

The Importance of Flowers at Funerals

Why do we send flowers?A common way of expressing bereavement is to send flowers to the family of a passed love one, and to include floral arrangements in the funeral. It gives the bereaved an opportunity to express how they felt about the deceased when words are so difficult to find. When we are tongue-tied and can’t express a lifetime of care and memories in a few mere statements, it is often easier and more eloquent to provide an arrangement of brilliant blooms. Sending a NYC floral arrangement can speak volumes.

The eloquent impact of floral arrangements

The beauty of flowers is as much a brightener for the atmosphere of the service as it is your own personal expression of deep sentiment and grief.

The bright floral displays provide a much-needed beauty to the environment for the mourning parties, and have a significant symbolism celebrating a life. Floral arrangements help us simply by being bright, beautiful and providing a connecting us to nature and life.The lasting effects of live plantsIf you know someone who is grieving, but are concerned about overwhelming them with a floral arrangement, a botanical plant is also an excellent option. It furnishes their space with a breath of green life, freshness, and gives them something to care for.

Botanical plants provide a significant positive psychological impact, and create a new focus for one’s thoughts as they watch the plant flourish and grow.

Presenting a live plant can be done informally, in a comfortable space set aside from the funeral.Floral Studio provides exquisitely arranged NYC fresh cut flowers, and we would be honored to help you express your grief, love, friendship and sympathy. They symbolize the special place in your heart belonging to those who have passed, where the happy memories will always remain.

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