Wall Street Flowers: Great Green Plants for the Office

There’s no doubt that having vibrant, living green plants in your NYC office can add beauty, energy and life to the workplace. Experts have even found that having green plants around lowers stress levels and boosts productivity.However, not all green plants do well in the typical Wall Street office.  Dead or droopy plants don’t boost anyone’s spirits! If you’re going to have plants in the workplace, you want them to be healthy and beautiful.What plants do best in the Wall Street Office environment? Here are some of favorites from our Manhattan florist – selected because they’re easy to care for, long-lasting, budget friendly, and perpetually beautiful.

Alocasia: Featuring bold, arrow-shaped leaves that are deep green with contrasting, pronounced lighter green veins, Alocasia is an ideal plant for the Wall Street office. It’ll thrive in low to medium light – it can make it even if you have no windows whatsoever! – and is drought-tolerant. If you tend to water sporadically at best, Alocasia is the plant for you. Your Manhattan florist delivers Alocasia potted in a tapered terra cotta pot that will blend seamlessly into any corporate décor.  At a budget-friendly $30, ideal for groupings – or works well alone.

Ming Aralia: If you have a sunny office window, ornament it with Ming Aralia. This beautiful miniature tree has an Asian look, with elegant, feathery leaves on a woody stem. It does well with irregular watering, and always attracts positive attention. If you’re looking for an office plant that’s different and distinctive without spending a fortune, your Manhattan florist assures that Ming Aralia is the best bet.Your Manhattan florist delivers Alocasia, Ming Aralia, and other great office plants to Wall Street and throughout New York City. Same day service is available!

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