Give Your Employees the Gift of Flowers This Holiday Season

The giving season is upon us and for most corporate businesses, providing cash bonuses is an easy way to recognize employees. However, is it always the best? In the Harvard Business Review, Ray Fishman writes about how gifts given to employees dramatically increases morale and productivity. Fishman cites a study conducted by German and Swiss researchers that prove gifts are better than bonuses. In the study, workers were told before their work task that they would be rewarded with a 20% pay hike for productive work. A second set of workers was given a gift that was packaged in paper and a bow.

The group given the gift increased their productivity by 25%. Why? Well, employees want to feel valued and that they are cared about. Anyone can throw money at someone, but it takes thought to give a gift. Providing a gift to an employee shows that the management took a little extra time to prove they care. Often times, employees become stuck in the mundane daily tasks of the workplace. A gesture of kindness, in the form of a personalized gift, shows that they are a part of a team that is real and cares, which can provide purpose for an individual. Purpose in turn leads to a boost in morale and productivity. Forbes concurs citing McKinsey & Company that nonfinancial reward has a greater impact on employees. Gifts remain a constant reminder as opposed to money, which is often gone quickly, if not spent then deposited and forgotten.

Forbes also states that companies that provided recognition to employees in the form of gifts have 31% lower voluntary turnover rates.Since this is the season of giving, instead of providing cash bonuses this year, why not consider a thoughtful, personalized gift. Here are a few ideas:Flowers: Personalized floral bouquets are an excellent way to show appreciation at any time of the year. During the holiday season, florists can do much more than create a stunning arrangement. Potted plants such as dwarf evergreens, orchids and amaryllis can brighten a cold winter day and last for years to come. With Thanksgiving, Christmas, Kwanza and Chanukah approaching, consider a festive bouquet or potted plant.

A cornucopia of red and orange for the table or even a Christmas tree or wreath is a great gesture of kindness. Jewelry: A personalized corporate gift is an excellent way to praise your employees. Rings, tie clips, cufflinks, lapel pins and necklaces can be personalized with your company logo or colors, or your employees’ monograms. Praising long time employees with a generous gift of jewelry will show that you appreciate their years of dedication. Watches: Clocks and watches last a lifetime and never go out of style. Watches come in all styles from simple to sophisticated. Unlike the new “gadget” watches, a classic piece will last a lifetime.Gift Cards: Handing out gift cards to a nice restaurant or a local hotspot can take the guesswork out of deciding on the “right” gift.

Everyone enjoys a night out with his or her friends or family. And, giving gift cards for someone to purchase a gift for themselves still shows that you care.Low morale isn’t always noticeable, but it can really interrupt the overall workplace productivity. Keep your employees happy by treating them kindly and recognizing their dedication and hard work with a thoughtful gift during the holiday season.

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