Discover the Rose: New York's State Flower.

Did you know that the rose, celebrated for its timeless elegance and alluring beauty, is the official state flower of New York? Selected in 1955, the rose not only represents love and beauty but also encapsulates New York’s spirit with its deep connection to nature and rand its rich, diverse cultural heritage.

Explore Manhattan's Finest Rose Displays

Building on the rose's symbolic presence in New York, Manhattan offers several spectacular sites to admire these stunning blooms. The Central Park Conservatory Garden, nestled at 105th Street and 5th Avenue, features an Italianate area filled with roses of various hues, offering a tranquil retreat within the vibrant city. Meanwhile, a short trip to the Bronx brings you to the New York Botanical Garden where the Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden showcases over 650 varieties of roses, enchanting visitors with their vibrant colors and scents.

Further enhancing the city's floral landscape, Riverside Park’s Community Garden at 91st Street offers a charming rose garden maintained by local volunteers—a perfect locale for a quiet walk. Not to be outdone, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden's Cranford Rose Garden displays thousands of roses in a majestic spread, standing as a testament to the flower's beauty and its special place in the heart of New Yorkers.

Macy's Flower Show: A Rose Spectacular

Echoing this city-wide adoration of roses, each spring, Macy's Herald Square transforms into a floral paradise during the Macy's Flower Show. One particularly memorable year featured an immense rose crafted from thousands of smaller blooms as the show’s centerpiece. This spectacular display captivated visitors with its sheer scale and fragrance, further cementing the rose's role as a source of artistic inspiration in New York City.

Enjoy Roses in Your Own Space

Our Floral Studio can help you to bring this beauty into your own home, whether you’re located in the Upper East Side, Upper West Side, or Financial District.

To keep your new roses vibrant and flourishing, consider these simple care tips: Trim the stems at a 45-degree angle to enhance water uptake, change the water every two days removing any leaves that sit below the waterline to prevent bacteria, and place your roses in a cool area away from direct sunlight and heat sources to prolong their beauty.

Let's make your moments bloom with the timeless elegance of roses!

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