Thanksgiving Flower Arrangements for Your Wall Street Office

Having a colorful fresh flower arrangement in your workplace does more than put a smile on your colleagues and co-workers faces. Researchers have found that the presence of fresh flowers elevates the mood, promotes creative thinking, encourages problem solving and can even boost organizational productivity.We deliver the best fresh flower arrangements to Wall Street and throughout New York City.

Every arrangement is crafted by our master floral designers with individually selected blooms, picked to be at the peak of their beauty and fragrance. Our arrangements are long lasting and feature unusual flowers that people really appreciate seeing.Here are some of our best-selling Thanksgiving flower arrangements: Uniquely Fall - All of the gorgeous lush colors of fall appear in this charming arrangement. We weave together hand-selected roses, elegant orchids, and that perennial fall favorite, chrysanthemums, in a well-balanced, long-lasting fresh flower arrangement that will look great for a long time.

Same day delivery is available – also makes a stunning gift for clients & colleagues!

Harvest - Add a real colorful punch to corporate workspaces with this vibrant combination of bright orange South American Sunset roses and yellow Pincushion Proteas. Tucked into the lovely elliptical vase, you’ll find a lush handful of colorful autumn leaves – the absolute essential visual accent for the season. Already an instant classic, Harvest is one of our best-loved fresh flower arrangements. Same day delivery is available.

Desktop Orchid - In a season devoted to thankfulness, we can’t help mentioning one of the superstars of the flower world: the orchid. Available in an almost-limitless range of colors (call us for details) and potted in a handmade container, the desktop orchid adds easy elegance to any workplace. Sleek and sophisticated, this living plant brings a tangible sense of energy and optimism everywhere it goes.

Try it – you’ll like it! Do you need fresh flower arrangements for a corporate event or office party?

Call us. We make having a simply beautiful event beautifully simple.

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