Savor the Moment: Prolonging the Enjoyment from Your Fresh Flower Arrangements

There's nothing more delightful than having fresh cut flowers delivered in NYC to your home or office. The beauty, color, and fragrance lasts for days, adding joy to your life every time you look at it. What a great feeling! Did you know you can take steps to make your fresh flower arrangements last longer? There are special tips and techniques that you can use to preserve fresh cut flowers in your NYC home or office, sometimes for years.

One of the simplest techniques you can use to preserve fresh flowers is drying. Not all flowers dry equally well: roses, carnations, heather, and statice all are good choices for someone new to flower drying to begin with. These flowers can be dried by hanging them upside down, in a warm, dry area, for several weeks. Hang flowers in an area where they won't be disturbed. Once they're dry, you can take them down and arrange them as you'd like – remember that they'll be more brittle and fragile than they were when they were fresh.Another way to preserve the best blooms from your NYC fresh cut flowers is by pressing.

Pressing flowers is slightly more complicated, but it is the only way to preserve flowers that have delicate petals. Many craft stores carry instructional manuals and the supplies you need to do a good job. After your flowers have dried, blooms can be affixed to cardstock or pressed between glass for long-lasting beauty.A high-tech, low stress way to prolong the enjoyment you get from your NYC fresh cut flowers involves your phone. Snap a pic of your fresh flower arrangement.

This image will last forever. Now you can share this on social media like Facebook or Pinterest. You can use the image as your background wallpaper on your computer, so you could see the flowers often. No muss, no fuss, and super easy.

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