Sleek, Wide & Wistful: 3 Spring NYC Wedding Flower Trends To Know About

The spring wedding season is almost here. If you’re shopping for your wedding flowers, or you’re searching for a NYC floral designer to put together your bouquet, centerpieces, and other essential fresh flower arrangements, you’ll want to know about the current trends in floral design. Obviously, the best wedding flowers are designed for you, with your preferences and aesthetic guiding every choice – but many brides to be want to know what everyone else is doing before committing to a design.

With that in mind, we present the top three wedding flower trends you’ll want to know about: #1: Sleek and Sophisticated Bridal Style. For a while, every bride was a country girl and there were mason jar bouquets at even the most upscale events. No more! This spring, we’re seeing lots of modern Manhattan inspired wedding flowers, with elegant lines, a simplified but bolder color palette, and dramatic, structural blooms that pack a visual punch. #2: Wide Means Wow!

The bride’s bouquet is all about visual volume. More can really be more, especially when you have a talented NYC floral designer hand selecting the flowers for your bouquet. The trend is definitely for wider bouquets, carried at waist level; it’s an abundance-evoking look speaking to the couple’s hopes for a rich, joyous future together.

#3: Amazing Exotics + Heirloom Favorites = Wonderful Whimsy

In the search for unique wedding flowers, brides are combining trailing vines, ivies, and tropical foliage elements with old-school heirloom varieties of favorite flowers, including roses, chrysanthemums, carnations and sweet peas. Long, trailing colorful ribbons are a hallmark of this look.

How Important Are Trends To Wedding Flower Design? Every couple is unique. Some brides love the idea of having wedding flowers that are absolutely on point with today’s hottest trends, while others strongly prefer a more traditional approach.

Quirky flower arrangements are essential at some ceremonies while others require a much more formal look. There’s no wrong way to approach your wedding flowers: it’s your special day. Choose what delights you!

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