Wall Street Flowers: Exotic Beauty for Your Stay-at-Work-Cation

Is there anything more frustrating than being the poor sap who’s stuck in the office while everyone else is on vacation? While they’re in Tahiti or the Bahamas, having fun in the sun, you’re left behind handling everything that needs to be handled.Make yourself feel better by adding some tropical beauty to your workplace with fresh Wall Street flowers.

A proven budget-friendly way to boost productivity and lower stress levels, our Wall Street flowers are individually handcrafted using blossoms selected at the peak of beauty. Long lasting, colorful and fragrant, a fresh flower arrangement can be the perfect addition to your workspace.

Here are some great Wall Street flowers you can choose to add some exotic tropical beauty to the office: Serenity - Imagine yourself lying on a woven hammock beneath gently swaying palm trees while tropical breezes dance over your skin. Serenity is our most popular arrangement of Wall Street flowers because it evokes everything wonderful about a peaceful getaway: Imported white roses and green orchids are combined in a beautifully balanced fresh flower arrangement, which is then wrapped with a lucky Hawaiian Ti leaf.

Mango Calla Lilies - Exotic and elegant, these calla lilies offer sculptural beauty. The gold and brown color combination captures the nuances of a sunlit beach at dawn. Restful and restorative to look upon, this Wall Street flower arrangement is particularly long lasting, making it a great choice for the office. Wonder - Orchids are the world’s jewelry.

There are hundreds of species, growing all around the world, each one uniquely beautiful. Nero Wolfe famously collected orchids. This fresh arrangement of Purple Vanda Orchids from Thailand lets you enjoy one of the beautiful gems of the flower world in your office. A deep purple hue delights the eye while the calming lines of these Wall Street flowers soothes the soul.

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