January Flowers

We just welcomed a new bloom of January flowers that are now in season. Although you may be overwhelmed by your flower options, we’ve helped narrow your search down to some of the best flowers the month of January offers. Ranunculus - If you want a more cost effective alternative to the rose and peony, then the Ranunculus is the perfect choice.

With its multi-petaled look, the flower is available in almost every color. You can expect to see these gorgeous flowers between November and April.

Ranunculus’ also give off a mildly sweet scent to add a new fragrance to your home. This past year these lush flowers have been used in headband florals, how cool!Alstroemeria (Peruvian Lily) During this time of year, we miss seeing color in our gardens and on our drive to work. These freckled flowers bloom bright during January. They often grow in clusters and are used a backdrop for other popular flowers. They are cheap and are in season all year-round. They also come in different colors like white, yellow, orange pink, red and are the perfect size for a boutonniere. Stephanotis - Known for being the symbol of “martial happiness” the Stephanotis is the perfect choice for a January wedding.

The white flower is star-shaped and grows on a flowering vine which are placed onto a special holder before it can be incorporated into a floral arrangement. Although they give off no scent, their delicate and fun shape will capture the attention of anyone nearby.

Thankfully, they’re available all year-round and are fairly priced. Rose, Of course, we can’t have a conversation about florals unless we include the most classic flower of all, the rose. As the most beloved flower, they are a bit costly but their romantic beauty is worth every penny. In season all year-round roses are highlight used in weddings and are the go to flower for Valentine’s and Mother’s Day. Their deep red tones are highly reminiscent of the Garnet January birthstone and will most likely never go out of style.

There may not be obvious signs of blooming flowers or plants, but don’t be fooled.  If you look a little harder, you’ll see these hidden treasures waiting to be incorporated into your home or wedding. Just remembers, flowers are the easiest and best way to dress up any space!

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