Flowers for Mom

Each year, we want to make Mother’s Day special.

We want to show our love and gratitude for our mothers and let them know how truly special they are. The gift of flowers is a timeless stand-out when it comes to finding something to celebrate her with.We give flowers to people because they brighten everything around them. A beautiful NYC floral arrangement is truly beautiful enough to display anywhere and cultivates positive energy. What better way to thank mom than with a reminder of Mother Nature herself and all the beauty she contains. Floral Studio has plenty of selections for you this Mother’s Day.

Choose from popular floral arrangements and blooming plants that are sure to wow your mother and let her know how much you care, or even request a custom order!

Surprise her with a gift of living color, the Impressionist’s inspiration - flowers!

Blooming Plants. A springtime and Mother’s Day classic, the Amaryllis is a breathtaking plant. Starting as a large bulb, the emerging single stem will produce a glorious blaze of huge trumpet-shaped flowers. This is an excellent gift for someone with a green thumb who would enjoy an annual blossoming. Orchids, ornate and brilliantly colored, provide a splash of tropical allure. The Phalaenopsis orchid produces multiple blooms which are often used in leis. The flowers unfurl in a shape reminiscent of butterflies. These delicate and stunning plants will bloom again and again over time if taken care of properly, creating an endless cycle of beauty for the owner. Azaleas blossom in abundance between April and June and come in a broad range of colors from white, to pastels, to vibrant and saturated hues. Their seemingly innumerable blossoms are an utter delight. They thrive in both containers and in the ground, which makes this a popular plant for both Easter and Mother’s Day.

NYC Floral Arrangements. If it’s fresh cut flower arrangements you’re looking for, we have some beautiful designs available. Tulips in Glass are simple. elegant, and yet visually striking. Their brilliant warm hues, velvety petals and light perfume will refresh New Yorkers with the scent of the newly blossoming spring and summer seasons on their way. Our "Beauty" arrangement has a Victorian botanical allure, combining pale yellow roses, the soft blues and purples of Hydrangea and Cymbidium flowers. The palette is subtly lovely, providing a soft aura of serenity.Any mother would love the look of the Retro New York design: it reminds us of cinema’s grande dames, women from our mother’s and grandmother’s heydays making their way in the City with style and sophistication.

The gently arching spikes of orchids are complimented by a bed of white roses.

This posh arrangement is a luxury every mother should receive. This Mother’s Day, get the important women in your life a gift that reminds them of life, loveliness and the reward of nurture: a surprise flower delivery!

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