NYC Wedding Planner: How To Find The Perfect Florist

Have you recently gotten engaged? Congratulations – it’s wonderful when you’ve found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.Together, you will encounter many joys and face down many challenges. One big challenge that hits right away is planning your wedding: it’s a big event, and there are so many things that you want to be absolutely perfect.  Near the top of that list?

Your wedding flowers! Wedding flowers add color, life, and style to your special day. In the hands of a talented floral designer, wedding flowers can evoke any mood, from carefree casual joy to a solemn reverence. There are many styles of floral design, drawn from the countryside and modern design aesthetic and everything in-between.

A great floral designer will talk to you about your special day, learning about who you and your intended are and what makes you unique as a couple. This information will help shape the designs they create for you.Many couples find it challenging to describe what kind of flowers they like or would like to have at their wedding – definitely understandable if you don’t spend your days working with blossoms, blooms and NYC fresh cut flowers the way we do!Social media can be your secret weapon when it comes to planning your wedding flowers. Pinterest is a particularly powerful tool. If you don’t have a Pinterest account, you’ll want to set one up – it’s free and simple. If you do have a Pinterest account, simply add a new board to your account.

On this board, you’ll want to save images you find online of wedding flowers that you really like. You might want to make notes on each post about what you specifically enjoyed or didn’t like about a particular arrangement. You can make the board private if you don’t want all of your family and friends sharing their commentary on your floral choices.

When you meet with your NYC floral designer, show them your Pinterest board. It’s a great way to communicate what type of NYC fresh cut flowers you prefer, starting the discussion about what would be perfect for your special day. When you’re ready to take your wedding planning to the next level and start discussing your NYC fresh cut flowers for your wedding, give us a call and schedule your free, no-obligation consultation. We’re here to help!

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