Find Floral Inspiration in Art

Find Floral Inspiration in ArtLiving in New York City provides many perks, and one of the most nourishing is the abundance of art. Being surrounded by everything from street art to the galleries at the Met pleases our eyes and feeds the mind.

Our system of galleries, museums and collections is the perfect place to go to find inspiration for your own living space.

 And when it comes to flowers, two institutions spring instantly to mind. The Frick Collection Housed in the Henry Clay Frick House, this collection of art is simply stunning. Perusing the Fricke’s selection of European still lifes is a sublime way to spend an afternoon. Sometimes to come up with a new idea, we must look to the past for inspiration. If you’re trying to decide what floral looks to work with this season, look to the palettes of Boucher and Fragonard, the crisp format of Hals and Holbein, the frothy panels of de Lajoue, the serenity of Whistler’s portraits, the turbulence of Turner’s sea and landscapes.  

See how these artists can inform your own ideas regarding space and decoration.

The Metropolitan. The Met is a must-see for anyone new to Manhattan and New York. A vast and nigh-overwhelming site, it’s not a task that can be done in a day. However, simply walking the galleries of paintings (or visiting the online site) can provide encouragement and spur on our impulse to create. Van Gogh’s Roses or Renoir’s Still Life with Peaches are perfect examples of classically refined and beautiful arrangements, loose, asymmetrical, but so lovely. Veerendael’s, Vosmaer’s, and Haverman’s vases of flowers provide us with a bounty of riches, an explosion of floral colors and shapes. Chase’s Pink Azalea – Chinese Vase is the perfect cool palette with warm overtones. If you’re inspired and considering new floral looks, Floral Studio has many beautiful boutique arrangements evoking the European still lifes mentioned above, like the aptly named Beauty arrangement, our vase of Pink Roses, and the lovely Bonjour design.

If you’ve found your inspiration and have a specific idea in mind, contact us so that we can help you create the floral display you desire.

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