Manhattan Florist Brightens the Holiday Season With Quintessential Poinsettias

Brighten up the holiday season with vivid, lush poinsettias, the number one best-selling houseplant of the winter. Your Manhattan florist can arrange, deliver and bring poinsettia cheer to any home, office or hospital this season.Hailing from Mexico, an American southerner fell in love with the red blooms on the native plants.

Joel Roberts Poinsett sent the plants back to botanical gardens in South Carolina in the 1800’s. It was there that the planting experts began to propagate them in warm greenhouses. By the 1950s, poinsettia breeding began in several university research centers and continued on into the commercial sector. While most people are accustomed to noticing the red color of traditional poinsettias, there are actually many colors from deep purple and white to a salmon-colored flower.

In fact, there are actually over 100 different poinsettia varieties. Many hybrids now have white streaks forming striking designs in the petals. Leaves also come in many forms, distant from the traditional pointed leaf and the height can vary from dwarf sizes, to fit on your desk, to tall, full plants grand enough for an entry way. Obtaining a poinsettia now will last far into the winter months if cared for properly. Keep the plant in a sunny window at a moderate temperature of 60 to 70 degrees. When the soil feels or looks dry, simply pour a little water into the pot. Try to keep the flower away from drafts or major fluctuations in temperature as they are tropical and prefer warm temperatures.

Placing the plant in a little cooler weather in the evening will extend the bloom life. With proper care and pruning, your poinsettia can last until the holiday season. Take advantage of your Manhattan florist and have the beautiful holiday plant delivered. Moreover, Floral Studio can also discuss decorating schemes for your home or office. Poinsettias and evergreens can bring a cheery holiday feel so let the experts help in designing a classic indoor landscape to capture the essence of this special season.

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