Creating Unique Autumn Arrangements

Creating Unique Autumn Arrangements. We’ve discussed Fall’s beautiful earthy palette, but what about arrangement and design? Your dinner centerpiece can become a masterpiece by thinking outside the box and introducing unusual elements.Fairy Lights. You can achieve a very attractive and fey look by introducing small lights into your arrangements. Small decorative strings of cool LED lights can be found at most craft and big-box stores. Incorporating these lights into the flowers themselves, or winding them artfully around the container creates a look of soft fantasy. It’s delightful and perfect for low light environments and events.

Dried Botanicals. Try incorporating some dried elements into your arrangement.

Chinese lantern plant, silver dollar plant, pencil cattail, strawflowers, dried herbs – these are all beautiful additions to any design and they create a distinct pleasant aroma. Try arranging sheaves of wheat, lavender or grasses in an orderly fashion, tied with decorative ribbons or cords. The neatness of the design pulls these elements away from the expected and draws the eye toward them. Incorporating the look and scent of cinnamon sticks and vanilla beans is also alluring.Autumn’s Cornucopia.

Nothing brightens a fall floral display like adding some harvest elements.

Use pumpkins to their full advantage. They can be hollowed out and used as vases, painted, and carved. Bright orange mini-pumpkins can be placed within the arrangement itself. Decorative gourds provide splashes of color and eye-catching design. Place a small bud vase in a cored apple to create an enchanting tiny bouquet. If you have a large vase or other transparent container, consider filling it with fruit and placing a small container for water at the top, crowning the display with flowers.

Create berry topiaries twined with decorate strings of leaves, lights, and flowers.

Fall leaves provide endless variety and color.Your options are endless, and with a little creativity your fall floral displays will be a smash success!Flower pumpkin. Lighting your arrangements with LEDs, creating a beautiful fey look for low light events. Using gourds, apples, pears, kumquats  and pomegranates in your arrangements. Filling vase with fruit with small receptacle at top for water and flowers. Cranberry topiary. Chinese lantern plant, dried silver dollar plant, dried pencil cattail, strawflowers, dried herbs, Cinnamon sticks and other spices. Using pumpkin as centerpiece, decorating that with lights, decorative strings of berries, leaves, vines, using the pumpkin as a vase (inserting can into center of pumpkin for water), same idea but smaller with apples – spray-paint figures big here, white, silver, gold, peach, yellow, black, midnight blue, stencilled designsUsing mini-pumpkins and crabapples as decorative accessories. Grasses and grains arranged neatly with decorative elements – neatness pulls them away from the expected and draws the eye.

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