NYC Breast Cancer Survivors Use Fresh Flowers to Recognize Those Who Helped Them Heal

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a time when people all across the country come together to raise money to fund research and support people as they go through the treatment process. You’ve probably already seen the iconic pink ribbons everywhere you look, from NFL games to your favorite salon. Approximately 15,000 people are diagnosed with breast cancer in New York every year, and there’s a veritable army of physicians, nurses and other clinicians working together to help them heal.

It’s important to say thank you and recognize the people who have devoted their lives to the battle against breast cancer. One lovely way to do this is to have a fresh flower arrangement delivered to your doctor’s office or the hospital where you were treated.

A gorgeous, long-lasting burst of color will put a smile on the face of everyone who works in and visits that facility – and as we all know, a positive mindset is an essential part of achieving and maintaining health!

Recommended fresh flower arrangements include:
Pink Sunshine - Amazingly vibrant pink South American roses are paired with lime green Cymbidium orchids in this bright and cheerful arrangement. It’s just about 10” tall, which makes it the perfect height to add joy and color to a reception desk without obscuring the staff’s view or interfering with what they need to get done. This arrangement can be delivered to Bellvue, NYU, or any of the other hospitals in the city, as well as physician’s offices, clinics, and treatment centers.

Tropical Orange - Modern and sophisticated, this elegant arrangement features Thai burnt orange Dendrobium Orchids with Cherry Brandy roses. It’s a gorgeous way to say “Thank You” without going over the top with pink. One of our most popular fresh flower arrangements, Tropical Orange is always received with huge smiles!

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