Celebrate The Holidays In The Office

Deck the office with boughs of holly! Or, at least ring in the festive season by bringing the holidays to the office. Having Christmas flowers, holiday plants and decorations creates happiness and gets employees and customers into the giving spirit. Recognizing the holidays also creates camaraderie between co-workers and changes the usual, sometimes mundane atmosphere of the office.The lobby of any office or corporation is a perfect place to add holiday cheer. The team at Floral Studio New York will garnish wreaths, evergreen trees and other fresh NYC corporate floral arrangements in your entryway. Poinsettias in different sizes and colors make nice accents on desks and counters or in large, indoor pots. Windows are excellent spots for simple wreaths that add a nice holiday accent. Creating a festive entrance makes the office welcoming and warm.Have the experts bring in and decorate a Christmas tree for your NYC corporate event or lobby display.

The legendary Christmas tree epitomizes the holiday season and also infuses the crisp scent of the outdoors.

Let our experts adorn the branches with classic decorations and remove the tree by the end of the season.Simplicity is key in decorating the office. Too much sparkle and glitz will feel tacky and overwhelming. Stick to a particular color scheme or variety of plants and arrangements. Don’t forget the outside areas as well.

Wrapping red ribbons around evergreen trees at the entrance of your place of business will make for a welcoming greeting.Now that the building is in full spirit, pass along some giving cheer and present your clients and employees with festive arrangements.

A fruit, wine and flower basket is a nice gesture during the holiday season to thank customers and employees for their loyalty.

Give plants like amaryllis and topiaries that will last for seasons to come. No matter what you wish, NYC fresh flower delivery is available to Wall Street and throughout New York City. The experts at Floral Studio can not only deliver, but also create the perfect holiday scene to impress your employees and clients.

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