The Hidden Romance of Columbus Day: What Successful Couples Know

“Everybody gives his wife flowers on Valentine’s Day – if he’s smart!” 73 year old Irwin R., who has been married for 51 years this May, smiled and shook his head. “But if the really smart man gives his wife flowers on Columbus Day!”According to Irwin, the secret to keeping love alive is looking for opportunities to celebrate. “Any time you can let her know she’s special, you do it. If you need a reason, look for a reason! It’s Columbus Day – you tell her I’m glad I discovered you!”

Romantic Fresh Flower Arrangements Delivered – Columbus Day or Anytime! If you want to take Irwin’s advice – and why wouldn’t you? – you’ll want to check out these romantic NYC fresh cut flowers.

Our expert Manhattan florist works with the world’s best roses and exotic blooms to take your sweetheart’s breath away: NYC Red Roses: “You can’t go wrong with the classics,” Irwin says, and we have to say, our customers agree.  A great romantic surprise, one dozen long-stemmed red roses arrive nestled with care in a sleek black glass vase by her favorite Manhattan florist: they’d look fantastic in her office, where everyone could admire them. “Women like to know they’re loved,” Irwin says, “but they really, really like other people to know they’re loved!

Autumn Riches: “Think about what your wife likes, what’s her style?” Irwin advises. “Then you use that to pick out flowers she’ll really like. This whole romance thing works better that way, when you stop to think about what she wants.” Irwin’s wife, Bina, likes modern design, so she was thrilled with the dramatic lines and bold colors of Autumn Riches.

This fresh flower arrangement contains both exotic birds of paradise flower and fiery orange California coxcomb with that romantic essential, yellow roses.Think your sweetheart would love either arrangement? Contact us and we can deliver NYC fresh cut flowers today!

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