The NYC Urban Garden: Fall Color

As summer slips away, it’s time to think about adding some vibrant color to our NYC urban garden. Fall is famous for its jewel tones. Working with your NYC urban garden designer, you can be sure that your green space will delight you in all four seasons – but for many gardeners, fall is the hands down favorite candidate for the most beautiful time of year.

Harvest Time If you’re among the increasing number of people embracing the local foods movement, your urban garden can be the source of some beautiful fall color. Pumpkins don’t only come in orange: you can get these giants in ghostly white, an almost arctic blue, and other specialty shades. Ornamental cabbages and kales work well in pots on patios, stoops, and in the rooftop garden.

Fantastic Fall Flowers Mums are the quintessential fall flower, available in a rainbow of shades and plethora of sizes, from flower-box perfect mini-mums to larger hardy mums that can winter over in your NYC urban garden. Talk to your NYC landscape designer about your favorite colors: whether you’re fond of winter white, lovely lavender, gorgeous gold, outrageous orange or breathtaking burgundy, there’s a mum that will fit the bill.

Of course mums aren’t the only fantastic fall flower. As your NYC urban garden designer, we’ll work with you to find the perfect fall flowers for your unique growing environment. Don’t overlook the color changing possibilities of specimen trees and shrubs: these garden anchors can be beauties in their own right.

Using the principals of smart NYC urban garden design, you can have a garden that’s vibrantly beautiful all year round. Additionally, smart planning means you’ll have plantings and features to look forward to in each season in your NYC urban garden. The fall is a time of transition, transforming the golden hues of summer into the deep, more reflective tones of autumn before winter turns the whole world white with snow. You can have this beauty in your own yard or building. Find out more by calling us today.

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