The Magic of Flower-Adorned Wedding Dresses

A Budding Trend

Your wedding will be one of the most important events in your life, and it can seem as though every decision is overwhelming. One of the bride’s key choices will naturally be the dress she chooses to wear on her big day. A fantastic NYC wedding flower trend we’ve noticed recently utilizes flowers -not just in the bouquets, boutonnieres and vases-, but on your dress itself! It’s a lyrical and enchanting idea- adding sumptuous visual details and complimenting your happy glow on this special occasion. Imagining Your Dress

Think of flowers in soft spirals down the skirt of your dress. For a subtler look, you could have blooms or petals entrapped within your hem behind some fine organdy or tulle. Another beautiful look is to have flowers gently cascading diagonally down the chest, partnered with complimentary blossoms placed strategically along the lower lines of the dress.

You could comprise an entire portion of your dress with blossoms. The dress itself could be designed to mimic or compliment the blossoms. Adding flowers creates an exquisite and magical wedding day look. It can also be deeply meaningful, symbolizing purity, innocence and beauty.

Make the Magic Happen If you wish to explore these notions further, please contact our expert creative floral specialists at Floral Studio to discuss your ideas for your NYC wedding. We care deeply about making your wedding the most beautiful it can be, from the tables to the bouquets to the dress or tuxedo itself! Our professionals will be happy to develop your dreams into reality.

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