Urban Gardening: The Ultimate NYC Stress Buster

Want to have less stress in your life? Go green! Indulging your green thumb can boost your mood, encourage a more positive worldview, and lower stress levels. Stress has many negative effects on our emotional and physical health. Anxiety, depression, gastrointestinal distress and cardiac conditions have all been linked to high stress levels. Having a lush, green space of your own to enjoy is one proven way to lower stress levels. Researchers have found that spending time engaged in an enjoyable activity – such as planning your NYC urban garden, picking out plants with your NYC urban garden designer, or picking fresh vegetables from your rooftop garden – helps to reverse the effects of stress on your body and psyche.

Size Doesn't Matter: Big Benefits from the Small NYC Urban Garden In a world where we're told bigger is better, it's nice to hear that no space is too small for your NYC urban garden. Amazing, enticing green spaces can be created anywhere you have an area that gets some natural sunlight during the day. As an NYC urban garden design specialist, we have considerable expertise in designing gardens that will thrive in our demanding growing environment.

The NYC urban garden can be created on patios, balconies, rooftops and more. We'll help you work with what you have to create a space that's beautiful and refreshing. Pockets of beauty, filled with healthy, vibrant plants and decorative elements chosen to delight gives you something to look forward to after a tough day in the office.

A great NYC urban gardens add so much to your life. It also increases the value of your home, by boosting curb appeal and making your home seem like a more comfortable, enticing place to live. By working with an NYC urban garden designer, you can have an urban garden that doesn't demand lots of time-intensive maintenance.

You can work in your garden as little – or as much! – as you'd like. Enjoy your home again. Start planning your NYC urban garden today.

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