Your NYC Corporate Florist Turns Your Holiday Party Into a Winter Wonderland

The best part of the holiday season is enjoying lavish holiday parties. When a business throws a holiday party, it suggests to employees that their place of employment is not just somewhere to pick up a paycheck. Businesses thrive when the team works together, so it is important to build camaraderie in and outside the office.

A holiday party can also prove to be an opportunity to show employees your vision and have them hop on board as you share each other’s personal interests and talents. This season is a perfect time to recognize your employees as people, which will increase productivity and morale. This year, instead of celebrating the holidays with a boring office party, dazzle everyone by throwing a winter wonderland themed celebration to capture the holiday spirit.

Your local NYC florist is here to help set the mood! Allow guests to enjoy the tranquility of a wintery evening with snow-capped evergreens and centerpieces of white roses and icicle blue floral arrangements. Long, spindly branches covered in tiny white lights make a dramatic entrance, especially with tufts of fluffy faux snow surrounding the bottom.

Continue to round out the theme with dim blue and white lighting around the room. Soft candlelight can flicker on tablescapes and enhance the floral arrangements at the center of the table. Consider choosing silver or clear vases and white place settings to tie together the theme.

White birch logs or tree branches nestled on hearths or carved out for candles will bring the essence of nature to the indoor festivities. Entertainment is always important at your corporate holiday event. Whether it’s a dance floor or stage, don’t forget to add the sugar and spice with delicate flower petals sprinkled on the floor.

Large potted trees or branches with ice crystals hanging down to mimic freshly fallen snow will certainly be eye catching. Whatever your vision, your NYC florist will create a yearly tradition that everyone will enjoy.

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