What's Your Urban Garden Personality?

Your NYC urban garden can say as much about who you are as your choice in clothing, cars, or furniture. Whether you’re thinking about adding a rooftop garden or simply want to green up your balcony, making the right design and plant choices is essential. You want to be sure that everything you plant is in alignment with who you are. Here are four of the most common Urban Garden personality types.

Classic: Enjoy elegant green spaces with the Classic Urban Garden. Simple, orderly gardens featuring tailored specimen trees and geometrically designed plantings are ideal for entertaining. Add relaxation and serenity to the home. A popular variation of the Classic NYC Urban Garden design draws on Asian garden traditions, and may include stone & sand features.

Contemporary: The Contemporary Urban Garden is designed to be a livable green space, tailored to suit the homeowner’s unique needs. This can mean mixing flowers, vegetables, shrubs, and specimen trees. Vertical and space-saving gardening techniques are key. Many contemporary NYC urban gardens are designed for homeowners who enjoy working in their garden as much as visiting it: great for the hands-on type who may need guidance & support but wants the satisfaction of doing parts of the gardening all on their own.

Cheerful: Including quirky specimen trees, vibrantly colored flowers, and vegetables planted in unconventional ways, the Cheerful Urban Garden is designed to lift the spirits. Your NYC urban garden planner can help you find the ideal statuary and accent pieces to add to the happy charm of the rooftop or patio garden.Child-Centric: Ideal for young families, the Child-Centric Urban Garden design includes plantings and features that are sturdy enough for exploration. Strategically including fast growing annuals and vegetables makes it easy for youngsters to fall in love with the garden & develop a lifelong love of healthy foods.

Injecting Your Personality Into Your Urban Garden Design

One of the biggest challenges novice NYC urban gardeners face is determining the best way to successful incorporate their personality into their rooftop, patio, or balcony gardens. This is where the advice and guidance of an experienced NYC urban garden designer becomes helpful.

Just as an architect designs a house or an interior designer creates a look for your home, an urban garden designer creates a comprehensive plan that will reflect your personality, work well in the specific growing conditions available to you, and meets your preferences in terms of how much hands-on work you need to do.

Meeting with a NYC urban garden designer is a great first step to ensuring you wind up with an urban garden you adore.

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