Graduation Party Centerpieces: Celebrate High School, College & Grad School Graduations

One of the most wonderful things about springtime is when students proudly cross the stage and collect their diplomas. Graduating high school is a huge accomplishment, and something families come together to celebrate. College graduation is a very big deal. And finally finishing grad school definitely deserves a party.

Here are some tips for choosing a great graduation party centerpiece for your favorite student’s party:

Fresh Flower Arrangements Using School Colors Are Awesome

Graduation parties often use the school colors as the central theme. If you have a student graduating from NYU, that means you want a fresh flower arrangement with lots and lots of purple and white; from Columbia, you’ll want white and Columbia blue blossoms. For Fordham, it’s maroon, and Julliard, blue and red.Incorporate Design Elements that

Reflect Your Student’s Educational Journey

Every student is unique.Some students spend their high school years playing sports, while others live in the art room or science lab. Have your flower designer incorporate design elements into the centerpiece that reflect your student’s one of a kind education. Celebrate what’s important to them, and what they’re most proud of. This might include class trips, major projects your student worked on, or the fun times they had with friends.

Choose a Centerpiece Style to Complement Your Celebration

If you’re having a formal sit-down meal to celebrate the graduation, choose a centerpiece that will fit your table’s shape and color scheme at a height that’s large enough to make an impression without impeding conversation. Your NYC floral designer has tons of experience working within these parameters – just tell them what you need. Having a table with cake? Taller, fan shaped arrangements deliver a pop of color without crowding out or overshadowing the main attraction.

Just For Your Student

One trend we’ve seen, and we think it’s a really nice one, is families getting graduation party centerpieces and then a smaller, individual sized version of the same arrangement for the student to keep in their room. If you have grandparents or other family members who would love to attend the arrangement but can’t due to geography, health concerns, or other reasons, having a fresh flower arrangement featuring school colors delivered to them can put a smile on their face and help them feel included in the festivities.

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