Flowers- Increasing Workplace Productivity and Making Great Impressions

It’s easy to bring life back to the office after the holidays have passed. Just order some luscious New York flowers to enliven employees, enhance productivity and make lasting impressions with perspective clients.

A business’ employees are the first people to procure clients; the face everyone sees when they walk through the door and the creative force that propels new ideas. It is imperative that employees stay happy and comfortable in their work environment. According to a study conducted by Texas A&M University, the secret to business success can be as easy as placing beautiful flower arrangements in the office. Creative ideas and problem solving skills improve substantially when surrounded by the beauty of nature.

Dr. Roger Ulrich, a lead researcher on the project, found people improved in the form of innovation and creative problem solving when working in the presence of flowers.

Floral Studio will deliver the highest quality arrangements to your office. From bold to subtle, Floral Studio has a variety of arrangements to suit your mood. With the drab backdrop of winter, an arrangement like Pink Sunshine with soft greens of orchid blooms enhanced by pink roses may lift spirits. Or choose a modern arrangement that is simple such as Zen, an arrangement with curled Hawaiian Ti leaves nestled at the base of Orchids from Thailand and Anthurium from The Netherlands.

Unique arrangements will also enhance the first impression formed by perspective clients. Spellbound is a dynamic blend of Pincushion Proteas from New Zealand with tulips and roses to accent, which reflects a bright and unique team at the office. Classic arrangements of white roses and pale pink peonies will uplift while relaxing the spirit.Keep your workplace happy and productive with weekly flower arrangement deliveries from Floral Studio.

A continuous delivery of fresh flowers ensures meeting rooms; employee space and reception areas are always looking their best.

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