Official Mother's Day Flower Delivery

Everyone knows it's time to get the flowers for Mother's Day, but what you may not know is that there's an official Mother's Day carnation. So this classic floral cut is so closely linked to the day we let Mom know that all the little and big things she does all year round will not go unnoticed.

The answer, it turns out, is simple: the modern celebration of Mother's Day is the work of those who are inspired by their admiration and love for their own mothers, to work for recognition of the hard work and sacrifices of mothers everywhere. We send out white carnations to celebrate the day in honor of our mothers and in recognition of their contributions to our society.

Jarvis is quoted as saying:

"This flower represents the virtues of motherhood, just as whites represent purity and because of their enduring qualities as a symbol of love and compassion. It is a mother's favourite, not only because of its beauty, but also as an expression of her love for her children and her family".

At the same time, red and pink carnations were accepted as flowers to be given to living mothers as a symbol of love and gratitude, but in the years following the first official Mother's Day, other nuances of gift and duty developed. She became the flower to be left at the tomb, and joined the white carnation with that of her deceased mother.

In some parts of the country, it is also popular to wear a carnation on Mother's Day, especially in church. Christian legend says that carnations spring from the ground where the tears of the Virgin Mary fell, and that they come from a tomb where tears fell for the Virgin Mary during the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Nowadays, carnations may have a bad reputation, but that is not unjustified either. The quality that leads to overexposure is exactly what makes it such a fantastic floral cut. They are relatively inexpensive and available all year round, so they are a good choice for Mother's Day and other special occasions.

They come in pink, red, white and purple, including some fantastic multicoloured colours. As with all modern flowers, they retain a light fragrance that is pleasant without being overpowering. The gathered petals create a lush effect when concentrated and give mixed bouquets a charming texture.

They can last up to three weeks, but make sure you change their water regularly and keep them in draughts and without direct sunlight.

If you like the tradition, you should throw a few carnations into the mix - after all, nothing says that you care more than showing Anna Jarvis that you know what she likes. If you have a flower, take a page from her book, think about her favorites and take her to the next level.

Floral Studio NYC knows that beautifully designed flowers will not only enrich your holiday day but also your life. Use fresh flowers to create an inspiring design that captures your vision, or use flowers from your local florist or garden center.

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