How Flowers Compliment Corporate Events

When you’re planning a corporate event, it helps to think like a set designer working on a scene in a film. There are certain questions you’ll need the answer to, such as “What emotions do I want people to feel while they’re in this space?” and “What colors will help my company’s name and message stay firmly in people’s minds?” When you have that information, it becomes easier to choose great fresh flower arrangements that will compliment your corporate event. Flowers are a very subtle and incredibly effective tool to affect people’s mood. Fresh flower arrangements that feature daffodils and tulips evoke cheery optimism, while more complex blossoms like hydrangea and anemones encourage focus and attention to detail – great if you’re hosting a working group, in-depth panel discussion, or conference.

Flowers compliment corporate events by reinforcing the host brand’s identity. Fresh flower arrangements can be created to feature any color scheme imaginable: match your logo for a subtle yet constantly powerful identifier that will be working tirelessly throughout the event on your behalf.

The quality and freshness of your flower arrangements matter. People notice details: sad, saggy blossoms and poor design quality do not reflect well on anyone who chooses to display them. Show that your organization knows how things should be done by choosing flower arrangements that are well-built, with high quality flowers hand picked to be at the peak of their beauty.

You know you have great flowers at your corporate event when you notice people talking group selfies in front of them. Fresh flower arrangements can be strategically positioned around the venue to create a consistently colorful, vibrant impression. This includes centerpieces as well as fresh flower arrangements for side tables, positioned near refreshments, and to accent the stage or speaker’s podium.As an event planner, it’s a good best practice to coordinate with your florist well in advance of the event. Ideally, confirm flower plans ten days to two weeks in advance.

If you have the same type of event on a recurring basis, such as a shareholder’s meeting, you can set up standing orders to have a consistently pleasing atmosphere. Festive celebrations may require gift baskets: your corporate florist can create these to order. It’s a great way to create a fantastic impression while keeping your life simple and stress free.

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