Spa-Style Floral Designs for the Home

Once in a while, after an especially hard week, you feel like having a spa day at home. Treating yourself with spa-style floral designs, creating some home-made facial masks, taking a nice long soak in a bubble bath, applying special hair treatments, giving yourself a pedicure – these are all wonderfully enjoyable and leave you feeling entirely refreshed and relaxed.You can take your spa day beyond your own personal improvement to the improvement of the space around you with just a few small changes.

Cleaning and tidying the home can lead to a sense of accomplishment and lowers stress. Make yourself a delightful cup of your favorite tea as you decided what special meal to make yourself, and enjoy the anticipation of the delicious aromas. And get yourself some flowers to brighten your space. Since it’s a day of leisure, go for soft cool colors and gentle designs that promote relaxation.

Trailing greenery and clean visible water also help build a sense of peace. And the aromatherapy flowers can provide is a lasting pleasure.Floral Studio has some beautiful floral designs in our boutique collection that perfectly suit a home spa day. Serenity’s combination of white roses and green orchids provides a perfect resting place for the eyes, designed specifically to create a sense of tranquility. The Enchant arrangement uses the same French white roses and green orchid flower, combining them with a beautiful Anthurium leaf in a low spherical design for a perfectly serene experience.

Our Orange Roses arrangement is a simple and yet elegant grouping of sixteen Cherry Brandy roses. The green Ti leaf wrapping the stems creates a lovely dark green contrast. And the Zen arrangement combines deep red Anthurium leaves, spikes of orchid flowers and other exotic blooms to create a soothing tropical atmosphere.

Any of these designs would be a perfect match for your special “Me Time”, a perfect way to reward yourself for all the hard work you do each day. Take a moment to lavish yourself with gifts and special treatment. You deserve it!

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