Power of Flowers in the Corporate Milieu

The tradition of placing cut flowers indoors is at least as old as the ancient Egyptians, who were decorating with flowers 4,500 years ago!As for who had the idea first to put a beautiful display of cut flowers in a corporate office, that’s actually more mysterious. It may have come before the development of Florists’ Telegraph Deliver (FTD), which began in 1910, or it may have grown out of the fledgling FTD in its first years. Whoever thought to do corporate flowers for the first time, it was a great idea!And as an NYC florist we are proud to continue the tradition.Doing corporate flowers just right requires a number of points that all have to be hit, and which we make a point of hitting every, single time:

  • On time – we get your NYC flower arrangements there when they should be there, every time
  • Not too much, not too little – you want the flowers to make the room, not be the room
  • Appropriate use of color – this doesn’t always mean conservative, but flamboyant in a corporate environment is seldom what you want, either
  • Freshness – our flowers are always of the finest quality and freshness, our name depends on it!

By enrolling as a weekly delivery client, you ensure that not only will your corporate office be adorned with incredibly attractive and professional flowers, but that the flowers from the week prior will be removed and the area where the flowers are displayed tidied.As an NYC florist, our profession is making you look as professional as you can. And we’re very good at it!When you call to consult with us, we’ll take note of the size of the space that you are ordering for, how many people are normally in the space, and if it’s a special occasion, what the parameters are for the special day! You’ll get the NYC flower arrangements that you need, with zero stress.

Only by honing our listening skills have we been able to get it right for our corporate flower customers again and again. We love knowing that not only are we giving the most professional appearance possible to a space, but we are bringing a level of calm and serenity – the way only cut flowers can. Thanks for reading!

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