Nature of Floriography

A Quick History on The Pleasantly Fanciful Nature of Floriography

Autumn partners well with the Victorian aesthetic. And when considering the Victorian era, one cannot help but think of the strangely pleasing nature of floriography. The language of flowers – emotions symbolized by a flower’s color and form - could be simple or enormously complex, with one shade of pink meaning love and another meaning rejection. Dictionaries were written at the time to help people decrypt the flowers sent to them. Lovers could use flowers to send each other secret messages, or floral arrangements could be used to send a message of scorn.

A simple white chrysanthemum could be a symbol of innocent true love, whereas a white spider mum meant something more sensual. It was all in how you read the colors, and the form of the flower itself. Its Effects Today. This whimsical habit has never truly gone away, and today we still look at certain flowers as meaning certain things. The red rose is a symbol of everlasting love, the yellow rose a sign of friendship. Some white flowers indicate purity and chastity, while others - like the Calla lily or spider mum - indicate mourning. Pink flowers indicate the first blush of romance, and creamy champagne-colored flowers point to sophistication. We constantly incorporate fragments of these Victorian sensibilities into our daily routines and it affects the gifts we give and the way we decorate our surroundings.Our “Language of Flowers” If you fancy the language of flowers, consider some of the following arrangements.

To indicate love, try our Splendor design, which is comprised of passionately dark red roses and romantically pink Hypericum berries. For a sense of sophistication and elegance, look to our Retro New York arrangement of champagne-colored roses and creamy orchids. To provide cheer or a sense of joy, try the multicolored Thrill or Timeless designs. And for friendship possibly turning to romance, turn to our lovely Pink Sunshine or Serenity bouquets. We can also create a unique arrangement to meet your special requirements.

Whatever your needs and emotions you want to express, we can help you create your perfect NYC floral statement.

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