Urban Gardens: Having Fun At Home Can Be Easy

“It’s the summer. The kids are out of school, and they want to have some fun. Can you blame them?” Neva M., a Manhattan homeowner and mother of two young sons, Ramon and Jorge, shrugged. “I can’t. But going to the beach is such a production. By the time you get all of your stuff packed up and get out there, half the morning is gone. And then you’ve got the crowds to deal with, and did you forget the sunscreen…who needs the hassle?”Neva’s solution was to take her sons to the NYC urban garden on their rooftop deck.

“One of the best things about this building is that they had a NYC urban garden planner come in and design this beautiful space that all the residents can enjoy. It’s like our own private park. Honestly, the fact that this building has a rooftop garden is one of the primary reasons we moved here.”A rooftop garden can serve many purposes. In Neva’s building, the NYC urban garden was designed to provide both beauty and recreation.

“There’s an area where it’s all soft and grassy, with little benches and even a sandbox,” Neva explained. “The boys just love it.”  On the other side of the spacious NYC urban garden, a beautiful array of ornamental flowering shrubs provide shade and privacy. “The design of this NYC urban garden makes it feel like you’ve gotten out of the city, even though all you’ve done is go upstairs. I really love it!”

Adding an Urban Garden to Your Building Increases Appeal for Potential Residents

In NYC’s competitive housing market, building owners need to offer amenities that their residents will truly enjoy and value. A well-designed rooftop garden is a high-value, cost effective way to show you offer a better living experience than any of the other buildings in your neighborhood.

It’s also a good way to be seen as planet-friendly and environmentally conscious: increasingly important to potential residents!Want to learn more about creating a NYC urban garden for your building?

Contact us! A member of our landscape design team will help you make the choices that increase the appeal and value of your building.

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