The Best Flowers for June

You’re probably familiar with the concept of birthstones, but did you know there are birth flowers? It’s true. Each month is celebrated with one or more flowers. For June, the birth flowers are roses and honeysuckle.

Rose Delivery in NYC: When She’s Your Sunshine

Flower Arrangements for June

These hot pink South American roses look fantastic and smell great. They’re really long lasting and will put a smile on anyone’s face. We combine the hot pink roses with Cymbidium orchids that are an almost neon green. It’s an eye-popping, vibrant combination that shakes up the everyday with a jolt of cheerful color. What a great way to say “I really love you!” This arrangement is called Pink Sunshine.

Honeysuckle: Great in the Urban Garden

If you love butterflies or birds, honeysuckle belongs in your urban garden. When planted strategically in containers with a supporting trellis, honeysuckle grows into a lush green vine overflowing with sweet-scented flowers. Honeysuckle can also work well in fresh flower arrangements – good to know if they’re your special someone’s favorite flower!

Celebrate Spring Passion With Purple Tulips

The Best Flower Arrangements for June- Purple Tulips

There are hundreds of types of tulips, and they’re all perfect for spring flower arrangements. Here we’ve combined lilac fancy Parrot tulips with purple hyacinth and exotic Vanda orchids. This arrangement is an impressive size that works well as office flowers or when you really want to make somebody’s day. Hand built, with blossoms hand selected to be at the peak of beauty. This arrangement is called Desire.

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