Countdown To Valentine’s Day: How’s Your Romantic Radar?

Are you in a wonderful, loving relationship? Would you like to be in one? We’re here to tell you that Valentine’s Day is coming – it’ll be here before you know it! If you’d like this year to be the year you do the holiday right, now is the time to start your Valentine’s Day preparation.

We’ve got some tips for choosing NYC flower arrangements for romantics of every style: For The Traditionalist: Valentine’s Day is all about the romantic gesture. It’s a holiday rich with sentiment and symbolism. One of the biggest, most prominent and well-known symbols of romantic love is the rose.

A bouquet of long stemmed red roses is a traditional Valentine’s Day favorite.

You can have red roses delivered to your sweetheart’s home or workplace: we’re the top choice for a Wall Street florist and offer delivery throughout NYC. For The Established Relationship: Have you already been there, done that with the red roses thing? There’s still a need for romance! When you’ve been together a while, it’s important to let your sweetheart know that you still see and value them as a special, unique person. That’s when custom designed NYC flower arrangements become the perfect Valentine’s Day choice! Check out our Boutique Collection for an example of the work we do every day. Many of our arrangements can be customized to incorporate your sweetheart’s favorite flowers or colors! For the Gourmet: A love of food unites many couples.

Check out our selection of Gourmet Gift Baskets.

They’re great for sharing with your sweetheart on this Valentine’s Day. Gourmet ingredients, fine wine, and beautiful, fragrant flowers are a never-fail combination! For the Green Thumb: If you want your love to blossom and grow, consider sending a gift of romantic botanicals! These living plants are selected to thrive in your sweetheart’s apartment or office: a vibrant reminder of your love.

Looking for a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the Urban Gardener? Surprise her or him with something for the NYC urban garden.
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