Blossoming Bridal Bouquet Styles

Couples planning a 2017 wedding are lucky – finding your true love is a dream come true! Our leading floral design experts have identified four distinct approaches that today’s brides are enthusiastic about: The French Connection, Face of Nature, Modern Wonder, and Into the Jungle.

Pure Romance: The French Connection

Lush, loose bouquets with plenty of movement characterize The French Connection look. Think about large, ruffly flowers in soft and pastel tones. Traditional garden roses, peonies, hydrangeas and anything else you would find growing on a Provence country estate are paired with strategically chosen accents of berries and velvet ribbons. Soft, weathered metallic accents are big with this look – grayed blues and distressed copper are especially on point.

For Millennials: Face of Nature

The bride who wants something handcrafted and just a little different will love the Face of Nature look. Cool blue and green shades predominate. Expect bridal bouquets to feature unusual accents, such as carefully chosen succulents, to appear alongside traditional white or pale yellow roses; pink makes rare but meaningful appearances. Also? Irises and delphiniums. Ideal for the bride who has her head in the clouds while her feet are rooted firmly on solid ground.

Modern Wonder: A Rich Urban Aesthetic

Sophisticated brides are mixing modern design with items from antiquity to create a uniquely now look. Rich, darker color palette is dominated by browns, golds, and coppers, with yellow and pinks serving as visual highlights. Bridal bouquets tend to be tight and structured, and may be replicated exactly but on a smaller scale for attendant’s flowers. Bromeliads, anthurium, orchids, sunflowers, ginger and callas are popular flower options; accent elements tend to have an Asian or Classical Greek theme.

Young, Fun & Full of Energy: Into the Jungle

Marriage is the ultimate adventure! The desire to get away from it all is spurring many to embrace a tropical, exotic color scheme – albeit in slightly more muted tones of earthy blues, greens, and oranges. Miniature orchids, birds of paradise flowers, and other sculptural exotic blooms star in bridal bouquets as well as appearing in unique applications, such as in the hair or necklaces of attendants and flower girls. Tropical foliage delivers a lot of visual bang for the buck; natural colored bamboo and raffia accents tie the look together.

Pick a Trend or Start One: The Choice is Yours

At The Floral Studio, we’ve found that some brides are happiest when they know their look is perfectly on trend, while others want to create their own visual statement with their wedding flowers. Our job is to support you and make sure you’re thrilled with your choices. Come on in and let us know what you’re thinking: we’ll be happy to show you all of your options!

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