My Co-Worker’s In the Hospital. Should I Send Flowers?

Hundreds of times every day, a scene like this one plays out right here in Manhattan:

“Did you hear about George?”
“No, what?”
“He slipped on the stairs in his building, and fell down – hurt himself pretty badly, too. He’s going to be in the hospital for over a week!”
“Should we send flowers?”
“I don’t know: do you think we should?”

Sending flowers to a co-worker, colleague or client who is in the hospital is a thoughtful, appreciated gesture.  Fresh flower arrangements are a beautiful, traditional way to say “We’re thinking of you!’ and “Get Well Soon!” It’s also customary to send fresh flowers when there’s a new baby in the family. Fresh Flowers Delivered to Bellevue and NYU Hospitals. We hand-craft fresh flower arrangements guaranteed to lift the spirits by adding color and cheer to the hospital environment. It’s so nice to have something beautiful to look at in the room!

Here are some of our most popular arrangements for flower delivery to Bellevue Hospital and NYU Hospital:
Summer Sunflowers
: Cheerful, casual and upbeat, Summer Sunflowers combines the golden optimism of California sunflowers with the whimsical wild exuberance of local Purple Milkweed. It’s an energetic combination, ideal for encouraging a swift recovery.

Do you need same-day flower delivery to Bellevue Hospital? Call us first! Harvest: Bring fall’s beauty directly into the hospital room with this lovely combination of Bright Orange Sunshine Roses and fascinating Pincushion Proteas, artfully arranged with crisp autumn leaves. It’s like a breath of fresh air and a great way to say “Get Well Soon!” NYC fresh cut flowers delivered to NYU Hospital feature hand-selected blooms, picked at the peak of their beauty.

Give your co-worker encouragement and support with a fresh flower arrangement delivered to their room.

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