Floral Design Inspired by the May Birthstone: Emerald

The brilliant green of May’s emerald birthstone is a perfect symbol for Spring. It reminds us of life- green and ever-renewing. It’s a cool calming color denoting peace and love. If you have a loved one celebrating a birthday this month, consider the gorgeous greens of a floral display or lush living botanical.

Emerald Enchantment. Floral Studio’s Enchant bouquet is a beautiful NYC floral arrangement that combines the soft white beauty of French roses with the vivid spring green of orchid blossoms to provide tactile pleasures in the velvety touch of the petals that is sure to delight. The dark Anthurium leaf provides a splash of rose-red, brightening the palette with its contrast and combining the colors of life, peace and love.If you especially love the look of orchids, we offer our Summer Cymbidium arrangement. It’s comprised of a large spray of brilliant orchid blossoms, offset by the dark emeralds of Anthurium leaves and tropical greens. This floral display is an eye-pleasing and energetic vertical arrangement sure to delight the person receiving it. Green Life.

If you’re looking for the deepest sort of green, look no further than the Alocasia plant.

Perfect for any New Yorker with a May birthday, its dark leaves are offset by brilliant jade veins. The large arrowhead leaves have a hardy tropical look and the plant can grow quite large if allowed. If you know someone who has a nurturing spirit, the Alocasia is a perfect botanical gift.Another gorgeously green botanical is the Ming Aralia. Originating from India, this small shrub has a tree-like appearance with its small trunk and mane of delicate leaves. Another plant that can grow sizably, it’s perfect for the person who has a sunny spot, patio or balcony upon which to tend their gift. It’s a beautiful plant that will provide joy for many years.

Did you know that Floral Studio provides same-day delivery for botanicals!

Never worry if you’re in a pinch and need a last-minute gift. Lavish greens are just a call away for New Yorkers seeking some earthy balance!

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