Choosing Fresh Flower Arrangements for Milestone Birthdays

Are you planning a milestone birthday celebration for your sweetheart, relative, or friend? Don’t forget about the fresh flowers! All birthdays should be special, and milestone birthdays are the perfect reason to go all out and celebrate. The occasion should be festive, beautiful and fragrant! Here are some tips for choosing fresh flower arrangements for NYC milestone birthdays: Big, Bold, and Beautiful: Choose High Quality Flower Arrangements in NYC One of the really neat things about fresh flower design is the way that colorful blooms, greenery, containers and decorative elements can be combined to evoke a specific emotional tone.

When we’re talking about a milestone birthday, the emotional tone we’re looking for is celebratory: happy exuberance is the order of the day.

With that in mind, talk to your NYC florist about cheerful arrangements featuring vibrant color and lots of energy. These are the arrangements that provoke the most smiles and create the Big Party feel you’re looking for. Make Sure You Have Enough Flowers As a rule of thumb, you’ll need one centerpiece arrangement per guest table, as well as a fresh flower arrangement for the head table where the guest of honor sits. Flowers work well on the gift table as well. If you’re hosting your milestone birthday party in a large venue, make sure you have enough flowers to adequately fill the space: you don’t want any empty areas bereft of beauty! Not sure how many flowers you need for your big event? Give your NYC florist a call. We’ll help you figure it out. Go Easy On the Grim Reaper

It’s not unusual to find milestone birthday decorations in black, festooned with a Grim Reaper complete with scythe. While these decorations can provoke a few laughs, use them with caution, says humor expert Karyn Buxman.

“These reminders of mortality can be funny when we’re in good health, but if there’s something actually going on – or you’re worried there might be – then it can hit a little too close to home.” There’s a place for dark humor, but remember: a little goes a long way.

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