Fresh Flower Arrangements & Live Botanicals for Your Wall Street Office

What are the factors that inspire creative thinking, superior problem solving, and increased productivity? Labor researchers indicate that the workplace environment plays a major role in employee effectiveness and efficiency. Cold, sterile work place environments that feature a monochromatic color scheme and nothing but the absolute essentials actually turn out to be counterproductive: employees in this type of setting tend to be less productive and report less satisfaction with their position than employees who work in a more colorful setting.

NYC fresh cut flower arrangements are an easy, effective way to add color, life and style to the Wall Street office.

Another option is choosing a live indoor botanical: these exotic potted plants have been hand selected to thrive in the sometimes demanding growing conditions of a Manhattan office with a minimal amount of care.For example, consider the Alocasia. With dramatic green leaves with pronounced lighter green ribbing, the Alocasia always attracts attention. People are delighted to discover that it’s a real, living plant. Originally from South East Asia and Eastern Australia, Alocasia does well in low light conditions and does not require frequent watering. Another popular live botanical is the Ming Aralia, with fanciful leaves and a quirky presentation. It’s very hardy and works very well as office décor. Have these NYC corporate flowers delivered to your Wall Street office today. Sometimes you want the splash and impact of a fresh flower arrangement. Our Boutique Collection is filled with an ever-changing array of colorful, long lasting NYC corporate flower arrangements that you can have delivered to any office in New York. Don’t like what you see? We can custom craft a fresh flower arrangement to suit your needs, whether that’s for a special event, to say Happy Birthday to an employee, or to say thanks to a client.

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