Weekly and Corporate Flower Arrangements

We at the Floral Studio design and install many types of corporate flower arrangements for hotel, office and residential lobbies, as well as corporate reception areas. When surveying a space to install an arrangement we make an effort to determine what the client is looking to accomplish, may it be a subtle accent or a large floral statement. We’ve noticed that newer buildings appearing in the Wall Street area are often geared to more of a modern and contemporary design regarding the floral arrangements they wish to display in their office. We take the fact that floral statements in the Wall Street area are arranged with the intent to impress their clients into consideration, and because of this, we include a variety of flowers that are incorporated into our corporate flower arrangements. To be specific, here are some of the flowers that we most commonly use:

  • Birds of Paradise
  • Amaryllis
  • Anthurium
  • Orchids
  • Heliconia

To complement the flowers that we use in our designs, we add other embellishments such as crabapple, pear and winter berries to our arrangements as well as different types of fall leaves (such as Oak, Sumac, Sweetgum, and Magnolia leaves) that add a seasonal flair to our corporate flower arrangements. Many of the offices in the Uptown, Midtown and Wall Street area love the change of flowers being used in relation to the season.
To contain your new corporate flower arrangements, we offer a wide variety of glass containers to house your flowers. These glass containers come in all shapes, colors and sizes that add a special complement to the arrangement. For example, our round and square ceramic containers illuminate dark fall tones, while our wooden vases ad dimension and texture to the overall composition.
All of our weekly and corporate flower arrangements are customized to your specific needs and use the freshest flowers from all over the world with our main sources being located in the Netherlands. Flowers for the office or residence really add a beauty for all to enjoy, including the employee and client.

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