The Best Ways To Enjoy NYC Urban Gardens

Urban gardens are tranquil refuge from the big city. When done right, plants can be our saving grace from a concrete jungle. Enjoy unique and exquisite gardens that satisfy cravings for both intrigue and a paradise-like escape – who knows, it may just inspire you to build your own!Here are the best ways to enjoy gardens in NYC:

Reading a Book

Located on the West Side of Central Park, Shakespeare Garden is four acres of visually-compelling and fragrant plants, which have all been mentioned in the Bard’s play and poems. An ideal place to get lost in a book, the writer’s charm is present: Set aside on winding paths are quotes from his literature, etched on bronze plaques.

Dining Out

Pure Food & Wine, located in Union Square area, is a vegan-friendly eatery with a patio not to be missed: A cascade of Christmas lights wrapped around bushes and a rustic wooden barrier, which nicely excludes your dinner party from the city streets. The entirely plant-based menu insinuates that you eat the garden too. Go on a warm night for dessert and drinks to wind down.

Making New Friends

Back in the 1970s, Liz Christy and the Green Guerillas threw “seed bombs” at trash-muddled lots. Their vision launched the construction of the first community garden in NYC: The Liz Christy Community Garden. To gain access, volunteer whenever you please, and after 20 hours the key is yours. Enjoy the pond and plenty of seating area – the perfect place to let your inner flower child shine.

Do All This to Your NYC Living Space and More

The different ways to have an urban garden or plant installations of your own in NYC are endless:

  • On your rooftop
  • In your small backyard
  • On your terrace
  • Upon a Green Wall
  • Within your patio
  • On your fire escape

Create your own tranquil space today with our help! NYC urban gardens are everywhere in the city, as you can see. So why not bring the beauty home with you? Floral Studio provides the best in professional landscaping with an extensive background in horticulture. You can read a book, dine at home, and entertain friends with beautiful plants surrounding you.

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