Caring For Your Floral Arrangement

When we get a new flower arrangement for an anniversary, birthday, special event or just because we’re so excited! Within minutes we have them proudly displayed in our best vase where all eyes can see and look on with envy. However, sometimes that pride can be short lived and flowers wither away quickly.

We want to make the most out of your flowers so here are ways to extend your flower arrangements life expectancy by caring for your floral arrangement.

Hydrate frequently!Most people fill their vases of water, arrange their flowers and never look back. The most important thing that a flower needs is water, without it flowers will wilt and die. Bacteria also grows in the water and flowers don’t really enjoy that. Changing the water every 2 to 3 days will keep your flowers fresher for longer.Trim Your Flowers. Before arranging your flowers and filling the vase, you might want to think about trimming them. Trimming at least half an inch will take away any dead ends that may have dried out since their last time in water. If you forgo this step, it will be much harder for your flowers to absorb water so don’t forget it!Keep Your Flowers Away from Heat.

Make sure to keep your new arrangement away from heat. This may be harder to do in the winter months especially when you want your home to be cozy. Try your best to keep your flowers away from direct heat because it will cause them to mature much too quickly. For example, don’t keep them right next to your heater even if it is in a line of sight where most people will see it.Use Plant Food.

Feeding your plants will be beneficial to them lasting longer. If you forget to change the water, then the plant food will sufficiently keep your flowers alive until the next time you can change the water. The plant food has bactericide which keeps your water cleaner and will keep bacteria from growing as fast. However, keep in mind that some flowers DO NOT want flower food. Some of them include Sunflowers, Glads and Zinnias.

Don’t Place Flowers Near Ripening Fruit or VegetablesIt may sound funny, but your flowers will wilt quicker when placed near ripening fruit or veggies. Ethylene is a gas emitted from the ripening food which is very deadly to flowers. So when figuring out where to proudly display your bouquet, make sure they’re far away from the kitchen!

For more tips please visit our care page here.
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